About us

Educat's dynamic, superb, high quality learning products focus on preschool, kindergarten and right through your children's schooling years. The range is often copied, but never surpassed.

With a comprehensive staff of illustrators, qualified designers, as well as graphic artists, Educat produces only the highest quality, as well as strong selling products. Meeting exacting requirements of educational authorities and parents, wherever there is a need for learning resources and creative quality standards of the highest order, Educat's superb product range should be at the top of all teachers and parents alike. We offer terrific value for money, as well as quality standards that ensure that Educat is the perfect partner in education, along with the teacher and parents.

We produce the Educat range in many languages, taking into account precise religious and moral standards. we export to over 60 countries and we set standards that others emulate. We are the only chart/poster company with the prestigious European Community approval for safety and quality.

Sensational bright natural photography plus a colourful range, results in products that are designed to enrich children's learning time in a happy and secure manner. We offer a comprehensive range of "write on - wipe off" products, which are both durable and glossy, and can be used time and again.

We work with highly experienced educational retail distributors and chain stores worldwide, while receiving feedback on where we can continue to improve our expanding range of products. Our range continues to be upgraded and reviewed, ensuring we meet the exacting criteria of educational institutes worldwide.

Our range of childrens products include books, posters, flip charts, play-based kits with book and toy components, Science, Maths and Music Kits, each with book, colourful components, CD's and interactive games.

All of these products have been designed to offer a hands-on, interactive learning experience and have undergone stringent testing in laboratories, as we are committed to high safety and quality standards. All our products have been approved by the European Community for quality and safety.

The company exports to 90 countries around the world, printing in over 40 languages.

Educat Publishing is committed to working with companies who lovingly care for the wonderful planet which we all share, as well as ensuring all books and paper-based products are printed on paper produced from sustainable forests.

 Ensure you achieve your share of "the learning goodies", contact your nearest distributor or keep in contact with us via our website.